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Refer a Friend

Share Himalaya Group Rewards with a friend using our Locorum powered referral program.

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They Get $100

Your friend will get an email inviting them to contact us and get $100 in a rebate when they work with us.

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You Get $100

Once your friend has used our service, you will get $100 loaded on a prepaid card that you can spend anywhere!

Program Terms

Must be a new client that Himalaya Group has not worked with previously or have a current quote out. Must be 18 years of age and within our service boundaries.

Locorum powered by Mastercard

Powered by Locorum

Reward for some partners may vary based on the value of the transaction. Rewards are exclusive to Locorum members and facilitated solely by Locorum London Inc. in partnership with Blackhawk Network and Mastercard. Rewards are not offered directly to clients by the service provider and Locorum members are rewarded for actions taken on the Locorum platform, independent of your dealings with the service provider.